One More Thread is a curated collection of clothing, homewares and textiles, sourced directly from Mexico. Founded by longtime friends, Alex Mortimore and Kate Wade, the brand embraces the quintessential spirit of everything Mexican.

Born and bred in the NSW country town of Dubbo, Alex now calls the Mexican village of San Pancho home. Mum to Josefina, she opened a shop in her adopted home, which is full of ethically sourced clothing and homewares, all hand picked from the different regions of Mexico and Central America. Alex buys direct from the artisans, meaning each piece is one of a kind.

Alex was keen to share these unique finds with friends and family back in Australia, and chatting over a glass of wine with Kate, the two girls decided to team up and One More Thread was born.  Kate lives in Dubbo with her husband and two children, Frankie and Monty, and is thrilled to bring these gorgeous threads to you.

Think intricate, embroidered and hand-woven fashion and textiles that assist in preserving and promoting the culture and traditions of the people of Mexico.